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Voices from the Labyrinth 


Coyotes At Night
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The Oracle of the Labyrinth - Written notes found at the central cairn: 

"Life's short.

  Ride hard."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"I pray for the capacity to experience the divine in everything, everyone, everywhere, every day."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Endless spiral of the unknown."
  --note found at the Labyrinth


  What is this message you are sending to me?

  How can I hold these intense sensitivities in the world, with strength?"
  --note found at the Labyrinth

"It's the Fall Equinox in a few hours

  - and we're here looking at the quarter moon

  watching the sun slowly disappear from the hills around us.

  Peace, beauty, balance.

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"A day of fasting, a day of renewal.

  A day of prayer, humility, gratitude.

  Thanks to those before me, that lay this down."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Let magic be real.

  Let dreams follow.

  Bless the Earth."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Hi all.

  I am on a healing mountain bike ride

  - recovering from broken ribs

  - and just discovered this beautiful place.

  What a great find.

  Stay well, happy, & enjoy life."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Ask your heart."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


" Wind





  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Today I will dance.

  Tomorrow I feed the worms."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"May I truly, honestly look within and know myself, understand me, love me, before I expect another to do so

  for me."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"May I

  Be Peace

  Live Peace

  Love Peacefully

  In order to live in peace,

  universally, worldwide."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Thank you creator for blessings already received.

  Let me walk in your step and breathe with your breath.

  Let me be close to you today."

--note found at the Labyrinth



  my demons are the compass of love

  pointing me in this moment of reality toward my greatest release

  to be a god in this body in this moment is my offering

  to the stars I sleep with nightly fantastically aligned"

--note found at the Labyrinth


"Moderation in all things.

  This, of course, includes moderation."

--note found at the Labyrinth


"Here at the hub

         Where tomorrow is born

 Speak your wishes

         The Mother's truth


 The one passion of

         Your mountain heart

 Spiral out with

         Father's vision

 As the spiral




--note found at the Labyrinth



  I can’t express in words what I’ve just seen.
  God Bless."
  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Its strange odds and ends with a dedication of feeling:
 Painted rock
 Wooden otter
 A mask
 Pine cones
 The only one who never looked back,
 The meaning of trust is reflected at this shrine.
 - Me"
  --note found at the Labyrinth


"When one dies they are not lost,
 But their spirit is standing by your side.
  --note found at the Labyrinth

"Bending like the wind.
 The breeze in my hair.
 Flexible in life.
 Happiness will shine.
 Elemental Living."
  --note found at the Labyrinth


"In this place, place returned to.

  I have come to understand another piece of the puzzle we call forgiveness.

  Everyone is priestess / priest.

  Everything is goddess."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Reflecting upon life's decisions.

  We ask for discernment + clarity!

  Peace to all + thanks."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"It took us a long time to find this place.

  We got lost & out of breath,

  but I'm glad we finally found it."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Peace for the suffering and forgiveness for all.

  Blessed Be"

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"May love grow within.

  Strong be my focus,

  unerring even when I feel threat or fear.

  May I love each moment,

  however challenging...

  May I live by the heart - always."

  --note found at the Labyrinth


"The world has love for you.

  God Bless"
  --note found at the Labyrinth


"Hug the trees and peace on earth!!  -Eve"

  --note found at the Labyrinth



"I trace these steps, it seems I’m on the same track
  (the Labyrinth leads me around), I’ve been here before.
  I see the altar, but the path leads me away.
  My breath is not yet smooth, my heart is not yet quieted.
  The sun kisses my face.
  I step closer to the shadow, the fire star still has my back.
  The smile of remembrance returns me to the sun I kiss!
  In humble gratitude.
  The chimes sing “welcome home,”
  The wind whispers: “she has come,”
  While the chimes sing: “welcome home.”
  --note found at the Labyrinth
"I am not alone.
  I am we and we are ALL share this home."
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
"The Earth does not belong to us.
  We belong to her.
  --Chief Seattle"
  --note found at the Labyrinth
"May all beings everywhere
  be fulfilled, awakened and free.
  May there be peace in this world
  and throughout the entire Universe."
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
"Love your Mom:
  She may not be here as long as you think."
  --note found at the Labyrinth


"And this too shall pass."

  --note found at the Labyrinth  


"Live with no regrets.

  Cherish each moment."

  --note found at the Labyrinth  


"May peace come to our world, and may we be wise enough to cherish it."

  --note found at the Labyrinth  


"Oh Avidus

  Great Spirit

  Help me to reach my destiny, in faith and serenity.

  Lead me to my heart's love."

  --note found at the Labyrinth  




  So note it be."

  --note found at the Labyrinth  


<flourish of a harp strum>

"Welcome to the Mazzriello Labyrinth!

  Enjoy your visit.

  And remember: Take something, leave something."

  --digital voice recording at the Labyrinth


"Thank you, wind, for cooling me,

  for blowing through my thoughts and hair,

  for tinkling the wind chimes,

  and for reminding me of the sacredness of life.

  I ask for a blessing of clarity and purpose and I pray for peace."

  --note found at the Labyrinth  


"Set you free
  I know what will be, will be.
  Loving you and loving me.
  Come soon or stay away.
  In my heart, be.
  So note it be."
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
"May the light in your heart lead the way.
  We are all one."
  --digital voice recording at the Labyrinth
"All religions are cults."
  --digital voice recording at the Labyrinth
"My Dream
  That every cat in my care receive a kind, safe & loving Home." 
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
  Did you know your family loves you?
  Did you realize what you had?
  Did you learn your family tree?
  Did you take the time to care?
  Did you appreciate the time you spent with them?
  Did you before it was too late?
  Did you know what cancer was?
  Did you realize the consequences?
  Did you learn what you could to help?
  Did you take the time to care?
  Did you appreciate those now so few moments?
  Did you before it was too late?
  I wish I had."
  --note found at the Labyrinth 


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human
 --Teilhard de Chardin"
 --note found at the Labyrinth
"Let magic be real.
  Let dreams follow.
  Bless the earth.
 --note found at the Labyrinth
"May you let go of all your fears and demons."
 --note found at the Labyrinth
"I've come here in grief and I've come here in joy.
  I've come to moan about some stupid day.
  I've walked through fast and I've walked very slow.
  I've watched the paths take form and then grow.
  I've questioned my faith and all that I know.
  Today I listen to tiny bells that I hear the wind blow.
  And as I sit and compose empty, quiet lines of prose.
  I wait for a moment I haven't rehearsed.
  I'll go home today and forget by nightfall.
  Most of today each moment seems so small.
  But I'll hold on to something, of that I am sure.
  Some warm piece of today while the rest is a blur.
  JES 03"
  --note found at the Labyrinth
All this time
The sun never says to the earth
'You owe Me'
what happens
With a love like that.
It lights the
- Hafie -"
  --note found at the Labyrinth 


"No one knows what lies in the future."
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
"Enka met Oliver
  They went for a long drive
  and kept driving.
  I am happy in the car."
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
"My thoughts require no reading.
  Let the rock that protects them be but a stage for singing crickets."
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
"Love what you have
  For some day it will part
  Love for today
  With all your heart
  I will love you forever Mom
  Let your spirit ride the wind
  and blow your breath into my soul."
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
"Too deep to burrow.
  Too shallow to swim.
  I am.
  Bear with me,
  earth's inhabitants,
  its hardships,
  and its rains."
  --note found at the Labyrinth  
  Start: In the beginning, you're innocent and helpless, unaware, dependent on others.
  Next: You begin to grow. You know right from wrong. You're punished for
  doing wrong. You're rewarded for doing right. But you're still unaware and dependent.
  Later: Somehow, you're independent, mentally, yet unable to break away from being dependent. So you fight
  for it! You're a rebel, unaware.
  Then: You're on your own, solo and free. But are you happy?
  Last: You wish you could only just start over."
  --note found at the Labyrinth
"Who R U?
  Only you can decide that!"
  --note found at the Labyrinth


"If the Earth were only a few feet in diameter, floating a few feet above a field somewhere, people would come from everywhere to marvel at it. People would walk around it, marveling at its big pools of water, its little pools and the water flowing between the pools. People would marvel at the bumps on it, and the holes in it, and they would marvel at the very thin layer of gas surrounding it and the water suspended in the gas. The people would marvel at all the creatures walking around the surface of the ball, and at the creatures in the water. The people would declare it precious because it was the only one, and they would protect it so that it would not be hurt. The ball would be the greatest wonder known, and people  would come to behold it, to be healed, to gain knowledge, to know beauty and to wonder how it could be. People would love it, defend it with their lives, because they would somehow know that their lives, their own roundness, could be nothing without it. If the Earth were only a few feet in diameter.
-Author Unknown"

  --note found at the Labyrinth 



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