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Virtual Labyrinth 


Heartbreak Song

(Mandan Tribe)
247Kb MP3 (monophonic)
2 minutes 6 seconds

3-Dimensional Picture of the Labyrinth Center 
The viewing of this picture requires a little persistence:
  1. Viewing your screen at normal distance, hold up a sharpened pencil, with the point at the center of the white area between the pictures.
  2. Looking directly at the tip of the pencil point, slowly move the pencil towards your nose. A third image will seem to appear in the middle.
  3. Keep slowly moving the pencil (still focusing on the pencil point) towards your nose until the middle image is the same width as the outer pictures.
  4. Holding the pencil steady, turn your thoughts to the Labyrinth until it appears to lift off the screen, sharpens, and becomes 3-D and virtual. 



Labyrinth Walk

Aerial Approach from the South
360 Degree Thumbnail of the Labyrinth Canyon Floor

Click Here for a Larger, Interactive 360 Degree Panoramic View of the Labyrinth Canyon Floor (1.4 MB download requires QuickTime Player) 


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