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We'd Like To Hear From You!

We'd Like To Hear From You! 


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Friends of the Labyrinth:
The Labyrinth requires care, although minimal, to present a clean, welcome, and spiritual feeling to visitors. Contact us for a few not-so-obvious pointers that have made visits to the Labyrinth a quality experience and help maintain a continual presence of the spirit at its center.
Walking the Labyrinth:
If you have a ritual or practice at the Labyrinth that you would like to share with us and enrich the experience for all, we'd like to hear about it. Any uploaded pictures (0.1 Meg or less) and video clips (0.3 Meg or less) will be greatly appreciated.  
Voices from the Labyrinth:
All articles and messages left in the cairn, or center of the Labyrinth, will eventually blow away, weather away, or be rightly coveted and taken away by visitors.
Some of the written and spoken word (digital) left there reflects either a considerable amount of forethought or unusual candid spontaniety, and is worth displaying at this webspace.
Feel free to write down and email us anything that you've found there that feels exceptional, interesting, or amusing. Or just some of your original thoughts and creations. We'd like to hear about it. We will not post thoughts that are deeply personal, however.
Likewise, talismans and charms found in the center of the Labyrinth tend to be highly unusual artifacts that speak volumns about the visitor who left them there. Any uploaded pictures (0.1 Meg or less) of these all-to-quickly vanishing objects are greatly welcome.
World Spiritual and Celestial Calendar:
This is a general, universal calendar that we welcome any suggestions, additions, corrections, and changes. Be aware that some sacred and spiritual dates may vary, due to local customs. Be advised that all dates and times need to be specific to the East Bay: Pacific Standard Time
Gatherings at the Labyrinth:
Friends of the Labyrinth, per se, does not hold, nor plan, gatherings. And while we feel that the main feature of the Labyrinth has always been contemplation and solitude, it is a fact that groups do make pilgrimages to the Labyrinth. And the East Bay is blessed with a rich spiritual diversity that the Labyrinth has served well, for at least some of their rituals.
If you have an event, ritual or practice at the Labyrinth that you feel that would enrich the Labyrinth experience for all, please tell us about it. Any uploaded pictures (0.1 Meg or less) and video clips (0.3 Meg or less) of your past gatherings will be greatly appreciated. 
If you would like to extend an open invitation to your ritual, the Friends of the Labyrinth must be notified well in advance. Due to the remoteness of the Labyrinth, visitors to your activity are, in a sense, vulnerable, and it is imperative that we make contact and become fully acquainted with all hosts beforehand.  
Kindred Spirits:
This is a general collection of spiritual activities that are if interest to Labyrinth visitors. If there is a special ritual that you would like to describe and contribute to the webspace, feel free to send it in. Pictures, 0.1 Meg or less, are highly useful.
We'd Like To Hear From You!
Yours truly may become overloaded with the task of reading and acting on email... 


Friends of the Labyrinth

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